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Discover A Simple Way to Store & Share Memories

Photographs help in making recollections. Every day, we as a whole take various photographs in order to appreciate these valuable minutes after the fact. Accordingly, we as a whole have a lot of photos of our youth, high school years.

They are pictures with grandparents, loved ones. These photos are in some cases a wellspring of happiness and distress both as inside these photographs there may be a few people who have passed away.

As it is regularly said, time is a major healer. In any case, with time the memory of those individuals begin to blur. While they stay in the heart, there could be a few stories or pictures identified with your friends and family, which you don’t know about. Gratefully, innovation has given us an approach to keep them with us in day by day life by method for pictures and stories shared by others who’ve additionally been near our friends and family.

Safe and Secure approaches to Store Photos

There are applications which is committed to saving the recollections of your friends and family who are no more with you. Such applications are intelligent narrating stage that gives you a chance to share the legacy of your cherished one with messages, recollections, grins and photographs – just for nothing. Qeepr is one of such application that helps you to do all these alongside the capacity to store boundless photographs and protect them or with you the length of you need.

Such an application gives you add up to control of who can see the commemoration: it can be 100 percent private or 100 percent open. It’s totally up to you on the off chance that you need to impart the dedication to loved ones or in the event that you need the profile to be open. The applications additionally offers numerous rich components to your commemorations. Here are a couple:

Coordinated effort

You can utilize these applications to work together with your loved ones to on a solitary spot. Commemoration locales permit the record proprietor to post recollections and photographs. These sorts of photograph sharing applications help you store and share memory and in addition add it to the dedication page.

Online Memorial

With such online Memorial applications, you can include boundless recordings or photographs and let others send sympathies and share their own particular stories. Besides, the online dedication capacities permit you to manufacture rich remembrances complete with life history, vital points of reference and the sky is the limit from there.

QFind Scanning

At the point when utilizing the Qeepr application, basically checking a dedication, for example, a footstone, tombstone, commemoration seat, urn or other landmark, you can pull up the online remembrance of a friend or family member. The QFind innovation outputs and peruses physical commemorations to hunt down its comparing online remembrance. Utilizing this element, you can give your companions a chance to leave sympathy messages or view pictures from telephones without need of Googling or writing a URL.


Commemorations lets you geo tag the resting spot of your friends and family and people groups find landmarks in confounding substantial burial grounds. Utilizing GPS, the Mobile App utilizes the precise directions of a friend or family member’s resting spot to effectively manage loved ones to the right dedication.

Legacy Pre-Planning

You can likewise work out your own legacy and life history to help future eras comprehend your identity. To utilize this element you appoint a Qeepr (a record director) for your record that will deal with your remembrance once you pass away.

Parentage Trees

You can outline make ‘Family Trees’ by including your relatives. You can make associations by finding the relatives in application database. You can utilize it to guide eras and family history so that coming era remember their underlying foundations.

These sort of applications are entirely great as it gives you a chance to prepare. When one signs up, they can work out their own particular account, transfer their prized recordings or photographs and make their family tree. You can assign any of your relatives as the Qeepr of your record in this way when you pass away, they can pick up control of your profile and add data to keep your memory alive.

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